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An all-inclusive Notion-based company management system, guaranteed to streamline your business and save hours daily!

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In the post-Covid world…

Remote work can be a nightmare 🔥

Work has changed forever, don’t fail to change with it.

If you don’t set up a functional remote space for your team, you risk:

Scattering important information.
Constantly wasting time looking for files and messages.
Breaking concentration.
Switching context stops productivity flows & creative breakthroughs.
Losing consistency, clarity, and transparency.
Affecting development, content production and decision making.
Missing the big picture.
Leaving potential untapped & losing connectivity across your company.

Notionise helps you avoid all this and…

Become operationally exceptional 💎

A single all-inclusive platform for any company.
Shrink your tech stack and pay less monthly subscriptions with one interconnected system.
Effective management & increased efficiency.
Monitor the status of every task that is assigned to your team or employees. Get more done in less time and never miss a thing.
Streamline your operations to make room for growth.
Reduce time spent on manual processes & administrative tasks. Focus on creating, delivering & scaling.
Make strategic decisons using all available info.
Zero-in on any detail or zoom-out to see the big picture with a smart design that gives you single-screen visibility of everything!

Designs to Help your Team Succeed!

Powering a productive team means using a powerful tool (Notion!). From meetings and projects to events and goal setting. Notionise offers intuitive designs to give any team the ability to set up and customize workflows for just about anything.
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Choose a View

Options For Every Preference

Databases are the building blocks of organizing work in a Notion Ecosystem. Grow from there with task assignments, timelines, productivity metrics, calendars, and more.

With the ability to filter and view data from different angles, your entire team can stay up-to-date in the way that suits them best:

• Quick views to refresh your memory

• Use a Timeline view for project planning

• Calendars to help with time management

• Dashboards with synergistic views, and more!

Dive into the Details

Notion Has Everything You Need

Notion pages are portals to more organized work – where every single part of a task can be managed, tracked, & shared with teammates. Open pages to uncover an ecosystem of notes, links, milestones, & conversations.

Break down big tasks into steps with file attachments, reminders, checklists and comments. Plus, gain powerful perspective by seeing all pages by list and status in a Kanban view. Your team can:

• Manage deadlines

• Connect work across apps

• Provide and track feedback

• Assign tasks and hand off work

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Unlimited Possibilities

Integrate Top Work Tools

Easily connect the apps your team already uses into your Notion workflow, or add a custom automation that helps fine-tune one specific need. With endless API possibilities available, your team’s workflow wishes are covered.

Reporting, Custom Fields & your beloved software integrations – we’ve got functionalities, your favorites, and others:

• Notion ↔ Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn

• Calendly ↔ Google Calendar ↔ Notion

• Notion ↔ Google Drive

• Notion ↔ Salesforce

• Notion ↔ Stripe

Enterprise OS Is All About Enhancing The Way You  Work!  Track!  Manage!  Create!  Report!  Design!

Premium Features

Take a look inside!

Learn about all the elements that make Enterprise OS a comprehensive company managment tool.
notion main hub feature
Task Dashboard
Task Dashboard
Based on business best practice & leading productivity frameworks.
Project Roadmap
Project Roadmap
Stay on top of all parallel projects. Juggle deadlines like a pro.
Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes
Syncs, Sprints, Specs, Plans. Options for every type of meeting.
Knowledge Bank
Knowledge Bank
A second “digital” brain to centralize data & see connections.
notion plans feature
OKR Planning Hub
OKR Planning Hub
Allign all day-to-day activities with your goals & always stay focused.
Social Media Scheduler
Social Media Scheduler
Schedule & automate all social media with this API powered tool.
notion company wiki feature
Company Profile
Company Profile
Stand out in competition with your brand’s professional introduction.
Company Culture Map
Company Culture Map
Encourage better creativity, engagement, & collaboration.
Team Directory
Team Directory
Make sure you & all your coworkers are acquainted and best buddies.
Recruitment & Onboarding
Recruitment & Onboarding
Standardize recruitment & bring newcomers quickly up to speed.
notion marketing strategy feature
Competitor Analysis Dashboard
Competitor Analysis Dashboard
Keep track of the competition & always stay two steps ahead.
Canvases & Pitch Decks
Canvases & Pitch Decks
Meet investors and secure funding with professional presentations.
Ad ROI Calculator
Ad ROI Calculator
Understand your ad performance & make well-informed decisions.
Content Strategy
Content Strategy
Your playbook for content tactics guaranteed to drive growth.
notion financials feature
Financial Statements
Financial Statements
Consolidate accounts & generate financial statments with ease.
Pull transaction data & produce professional invoices in seconds.
Contact Directory
Contact Directory
Manage your relationships & speed customers through your pipeline.
Product Inventory
Product Inventory
Track your inventory, deliveries, & shipments. Never run out of stock.
notion bonus content feature
Graphical Elements
Graphical Elements
Maintain visual consistency & great UX throughout your system.
Tools & Resources
Tools & Resources
Augment your tech stack with excellent recommendations.
Automation Downloads
Automation Downloads
Automate your business activities with downloadable API scenarios.

Integrate All Your Tools With  Notion!

Automation is the future! Put your business on autopilot and unlock Notion’s full potential by connecting its API to all your favorite tools. We can help with that.

Prebuilt Automation
Prebuilt Automation
Enterprise OS includes downloadable APi scenarios ready to work.
Custom-Built Automation
Custom-Built Automation
API scenarios designed according to your unique requirements.
notion integration

Enterprise OS at a Glance

A Number View of What You'll Find


Core Functions






Relations & Rollups


Themed Icons

Our Plans

Notionise Your Business With Any Of The Following Options


Solopreneurs & Freelancers

Enterprise OS v2.0
Full Walkthrough Guide
API Automations
Bonus Content

$89USD + $69 / Member

Companies & Startups

Enterprise OS v2.0
Custom Walkthrough Guide
API Automations
Bonus Content
Comprehensive Team Training
Personalized Updates
New Feature Implementation

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Unique Requirements

For Clients with a tech itch they're not sure if Notion can scratch or a workflow that's overdue for an update.
Get in touch for a consult and we'll make sure you find a solution that meets your needs perfectly.
All Our Plans Include
Agile Feedback Loops
See your feedback & suggestions rolled out publicly or privately pushed to you within 48 hours.
Lifetime Updates
As Enterprise OS evolves, updates are sent to guarantee you’re always operating at maximum efficiency.
Premium Support
We value you & your team’s time. Get all your questions answered within 12 hours. By email, text, or call.

Notionise Your Business & Focus On What Matters

Our Process
Read on to learn about our consultation phases and get your perfect worksystem.
notion discovery
It all starts with a call!

Every company is unique. Your productive Notion worksystem should reflect that. We kick things off with a call to understand your particular needs & desires then explore the possibilities of your system.

Let's Team Up!
notion design
Designs that fit like a glove!

Our work is based on industry best practices & combine elements from several design philosophies & productivity frameworks like Objectives & Key Results(OKRs), Getting Things Done(GTD), the renowned PARA Methodology and the Building a Second Brain Knowledge Management system(BASB).

We also employ our extensive formula knowledge & unique Notion-specific implementations – designed to maximize return on attention (ROA) and allow you to navigate your system in as few clicks as possible.

Let's Team Up!
Notion User Experience
The Unboxing Event!

With your Notion system delivered & ready, it’ll be time for you and your team to become conversant.

You’ll find powerful methods of viewing information through relevant perspectives as well as reference guides to familiarize you with your new work system.

Next, we’ll hold a comprehensive training session for your team to bring them up to speed ASAP.

Let's Team Up!
Notion Partnership
Your Notion future secured!

From there, we’ll remain your trusted guide for all things Notion. Our ongoing partnership will ensure that you unlock Notion’s full potential as your organization evolves. It includes:

• Monthly work system audits, cleanups & enhancements.

• Regularly scheduled office hours.

• Personalized updates about new Notion features & the implementation relevant to your use case.

Let's Team Up!
5 Star Rated!⭐

See what our Users say

about Getting Notionised!

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Got a Question?
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Notion has a customer base that includes Startups , Museums , Non-Profits as well as big corporations like Monzo Bank UK that uses Notion as a homebase for their team of 1500 Employees!
We are certain that whatever your business is, it can be notionised.

Enterprise OS is intended for personal or business use according to the plan purchased. Even though we can’t restrict unauthorized sharing, we hope you respect our wishes. We reserve the right to deny service if we detect such behaviour.

Notion is always rolling out new features & Enterprise OS is constantly being updated to make use of the best of them. 🚨 v2.0 – released November 2021 following Notion’s major subgrouping feature release! Bringing you new dashboards, views & tools. 🚨 v2.1 – released January 2022 & includes a rework of the Main Hub and a new dashboard for managing your day to day operations. 🚨 v2.2 – released April 2022 – Major update with improvements to Main Hub, Projects, Task Tracking, Contact Directory & Startup Guide.
New Additions based on user feedback: Simple Finance Tracker & Complete Client Portal & Hub! Get in touch at to confirm your purchase and join our update notification list.

Yes, we do. If you’re managing a Non-Profit, send us proof and we’ll set you up with a 50% discount.